The Death of Prince Rogers Nelson Book

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About the Book

First book exploring Prince's death


Based on thousands of documents, photographs, witness statements, videos, lab reports, phone logs, computer data and medical records compiled by law enforcement agencies during their inquest into Prince's death. No hearsay. No conjecture. No opinions. Just facts. Explore the evidence and draw your own conclusions about the events surrounding Prince's death.

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Book has generated a loud buzz among the Prince "fam" community, and some fringe Twitter groups strongly disagree with the medical examiner's cause of death determination. Super fans spent weeks discussing the book on Prince. org before moderators bulldozed the popular thread without explanation. Join the conversation on Facebook and find the new book club!

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Many of the key pieces of evidence collected during the investigation into Prince's death can be found on this site. They are cited throughout the book and will be housed here, free of charge, for public inspection. These files are largely no longer available through the Carver County website. Both paperback and Kindle editions of the book are now available for purchase via Amazon and in bookstores throughout the Minneapolis area.